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Nestle’ Arabia

Nestle’ Arabia

Headquartered in the 4th floor (1,600m²) of Bin Sulaiman Center in Jeddah, Nestle’ Arabia has also two satellite offices in Makkah and Madinah. Nestle’ chose to have a total office services solution, i.e. maintenance, housekeeping, pantry boy, driver, and general office supervision services.
“Facilities Management business in Saudi Arabia is growing and one of the companies that has started evolving in this business is Surefix,.

We have contracted with Surefix to provide Maintenance and Cleaning services to Nestle Saudi Arabia offices in Jeddah, Makkah and Madinah since June 2012 and We have noticed the level of satisfaction among Employees has increased since that time. Surefix has displayed quality service, fast response and commitment toward Nestle Corporate Business Principles. The team members deployed within our offices are good with very positive and friendly attitudes.

I would like to give a special thank to the Managing Director of Surefix, Mr. Hazim Dabbagh, who has shown a real example of how to manage a Facilities Management company within Saudi Arabia that maintains good standards. Thank you and I wish Surefix the best future.”
Hattan Ujaimi
Head of General Services, Facilities, Safety and Security
Nestlé Saudi Arabia L.L.C.
Cristal Company

Cristal Company

The world’s 2nd largest producer of Titanium Dioxide, Cristal is headquartered in King Road’s Tower at 16th & 17th floors with total area of 3,800m². Cristal chose to have a total office services solution. i.e. maintenance, housekeeping, pantry boy, driver, and general office supervision services.
"Right from the start, SureFix impressed us with their efficient and professional services - an approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated the results we were looking for.

Over the past 12 months, SureFix provided hard and soft services to Cristal Headquarters in Jeddah. The team in SurFix successfully helped Cristal in the moving process to its new location, provided office maintenance, established the emergency evacuation plan for the new office, provided emergency evacuation training to all employees in addition to providing the normal office services and cleanliness.

We sincerely appreciate their responsiveness, flexibility, and the professional attitude of their staff and management"
Eng. Omar Najjar
VP Human Resources
Cristal Company
BUPA Arabia

BUPA Arabia for Cooperative Insurance

SureFix is the maintenance service provider for BUPA Arabia’s national headquarter office atJeddah, covering an area of around 9,000 m².
"SureFix is extremely helpful and reachable at any time."
Abdulla Abdulhameed
Facility Manager
BUPA Arabia
Rawdah Al-Badreiah

Rawdah Al-Badreiah

Towers, a residential and commercial twin-towers covering total area of 34,000 m² located at Rawdah Street, Jeddah.
"SureFix was instrumental to us during the commissioning of the building. They conducted an extensive electromechanical audit and produced a snag-list report which supported our case with the contractor to rectify the installations before receiving the building.

From the time of receiving the building, more than three years ago, SureFix has been our maintenance service provider. We are very much satisfied with their service. Due to their professional preventive maintenance system which is executed by qualified technicians, emergency calls are few. In addition, SureFix helped us execute a plan to reduce electricity consumption by 25%.

We would like to thank SureFix and its management for their excellent services and commitment. We look forward to working together in our future projects. "
Hesham Alawi KAYAL
Executive Manager
Amro A. KAYAL Est.
International Extended Care Center (IEC)

International Extended Care Center (IEC)

IEC is a healthcare facility designed to serve bedridden cases. It opened in early 2012 and it is medically operated by its sister hospital IMC (International Medical Center). It has 7 buildings covering a total built-up area of 16,000m² and being operated by Sukoon International Company which asked SureFix to conduct an extensive Facility Management audit and cost benchmarking for all provided services in the center.
“As a gesture of gratitude, we are pleased to give SureFix our heartfelt appreciation for its performance demonstrated by its participation and support beyond our expectation.

SureFix have been punctual and committed to deliver the professional Audit Report of International Extended Care Center for all our facility management services, hard and soft services.

We found SureFix very trustworthy and we will consider its services again in our future requirements.
We are confident that SureFix will gain the benchmark in this market as it continue to prove its commitment to excellence."
Ihab Elsamannoudi
Chief Executive Officer
Sukoon International Co