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About Us


SureFix is a customer-oriented Saudi facility management company focused on providing its customers the utmost in efficiency and customer service while preserving a high degree of integrity and reliability. In order to address the wide range of our clients’ needs, SureFix provides facility management services to both commercial and residential clients.

Founded in 2009, SureFix is committed to sustaining a strong value system while delivering quality services in accordance with the highest internationally recognized facility management standards. This attention to excellence, values, and understanding of local customer’s needs allows us to build long-term customer relationships which are built on trust.

Since our inception, SureFix has grown rapidly, building strong relationships with customers and expanding our services to cover more areas of facility management, including regular facility audits, business relocations, and energy management.

SureFix’s high level of quality control, comprehensive work processes, and the timely delivery of our services provide our customers with the confidence that their facility is being managed and maintained to the highest standards possible.  These standards have placed us in a leadership position within the Saudi facility management market.

SureFix is an industry leader when it comes to facility management standards and has clients as some of the major multi-national corporations as well as large Saudi companies across various industries. We support all kinds of organizations and businesses with maximum efficiency and safety with the sole purpose of providing our clients with ultimate peace of mind.

Whether we are involved in the management of an international corporation’s headquarter office facility or providing services to a small private residential villa, our values, approach, and standards are kept unchanged.