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FM Consultation & Auditing


SureFix offers various types of Facility Management consultation and auditing services that provide added-value to our clients. As a commercial center owner, for example, we provide overall FM auditing and assessment for both hard and soft services, benchmarking those in-terms of service level and service cost against similar available services in the market. 

In addition, SureFix performs safety standard assessment along with designing and implementing emergency evacuation plans. This includes employee/tenant training on emergency plans and fire drills. SureFix also looks into health matters related to facilities, like air and water quality. SureFix performs needed checks and recommend improvements to landlords, tenants, and homeowners. 


Another valuable service that Surefix provides is assisting clients in optimizing the use of utilities, namely electricity and water, by providing detailed energy audits.   Surefix then provides a comprehensive report  that highlights saving opportunities.  Clients save up to 20% of electricity expenses by implementing the first round of actions recommended by SureFix.