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Our Team


SureFix managers are committed professionals, and our technicians as valued team members. We strive to maintain a policy of respect towards all technicians, treating them as individuals and working with them to develop and improve their professional and personal skills.

SureFix technicians are professionally trained and certified. They have also received additional training in customer service.  All of them understand the cultural norms and service expectations of Saudi customers. They are also aware of the codes and facility requirement for MNCs.

Additionally, SureFix provide an on-site supervisor for every facility we manage with each supervisor reporting to a divisional manager. Our divisional managers are certified engineers with extensive experience in the Facility Management field.

We retain our highly trained and skilled staff by providing them with excellent pay, benefits, and accommodations. We believe that a satisfied employee will work his best to make our customer satisfied.

As a social responsible company, SureFix employs and trains Saudi special needs individuals. We ensure providing them with suitable and comfortable facilities that meet their needs. This will make them blend with our working team and be part of the bigger SureFix family.